amt:consult – Medical technology consultants

Integrated marketing makes success predictable

"Every battle is already decided before it starts",

say the old Samurai. This is also applicable in case of mordern marketing.

Strategic approach to product and market planning.

Optimal timing in the sense of a „Window of opportunity“.

Coordination and tuning of companies' human and capital resources

The implementation of these issues with companies' full force…

This is what we understand as „integrated marketing“. This makes success and investment risks predictable.

amt portfolio: Cyber-Security, Marketing, Innovation and Regulatory Affairs

Bridge between Marketing and Design

amt:consult was founded in 1997 by Dipl. Ing. Thomas P. Kriesmer. After a traditional career in research and development of medical devices, working ….

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MAJOR Topic: Medical devices' CYBER-Security

Also deriving from improving regulatory requirements, amt:consult offers basic consulting and performing of vulnerability tests on medical devices and matching infrastructure.

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